Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Are Not Alone!

Subscribe to My Guru StoryThis incident happened during October 2012 when I had just joined my new job in a new city. I started my working day at 5.30 am in the morning as I had to first drive 3.5 hours to reach my new place of work at 9 am. Around 6 pm I finished my work and went to the parking and tried to open the car which has central lock and it just barely opened. I immediately knew what had happened. By mistake I had left the headlights on when I left the car in the morning. Normally the car would make warning sound when this happens, but due to some electrical fault this didn’t happen. Now the battery was discharged and the car wouldn’t start. I started praying immediately: “Guruji, help!” 

At that time very few cars were left in the parking. Close to my car, a van was parked and a young gentleman was in the car. So I asked him if he could help me. He said let us push the car and see if it starts. He and another person pushed it but the car didn’t start. So I said: “Let use jump leads to start it.” They agreed to provide me starting help using jump leads. Very soon I discovered that I didn’t have any jump leads. I used to have those in my old car and there weren’t any jump leads in my new car. What to do? It was past 6 pm so majority of the shops were closed and I was in a new city, didn’t know where to get the jump leads and my family and friends were miles away! I kept praying to Guruji: “Only you are my saviour Guruji, please help!” 

One of the gentlemen who had helped me earlier said; “There is a DIY shop nearby and it might be open and they might be selling jump leads.” He was willing to take a walk with me and show me where the shop is. Yes, it was open but they didn’t have any jump leads. What to do now? While we were walking from that shop, I saw a general store which was open. So I suggested that we check there. Lo and behold! They had one last pair of jump leads for me! We bought them and walked back to the car. 

In the car park there were few cheerful young men who helped me to charge the car battery using the jump leads. As soon as the car started the gentleman who had walked with me to the shop said: “Sorry I have to go now!” I was waiting in the parking to pick up my girlfriend from work and she is here now”! I thought to myself, Guruji what a perfect timing! I know and have experienced many times that Guruji is there to help us and look after us regardless whatever the situation we find ourselves in. I count on Him! 
Jai Gurudev!


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