Thursday, November 1, 2012

When divine took away my pain right from the first day of the course

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Master takes us under his wings & takes away our pain as we just move our first step towards him. 
It happened with me that I was told by many friends about Art of living for 1-2 years. But I was adamant not to pay heed. 
I was living as paying guest in Noida & working in an organization. One of my close friend was a devotee but never forced me much to do the course, nor I was convinced to do it.

Once I was very sick & had trouble with stomach for one month or so. This condition like stomach pain & all used to hit me quite often at that time & no diet alteration, medicines would make me well soon. So this particular time it was really bad & prolonged. I did everything, changed doctors, medications, diet, all sorts of medical tests etc. But there was no much improvement. I was able to eat very little as I was not able to digest & pain was continuous. My color was pale & was hardly able to walk.

Then one fine day this friend took me to Noida stadium for satsang where one of very senior teacher (rishi ji) was taking advance course. I saw everybody smiling & dancing there. My friend just made me sit in a chair as I was in pain & he went away in crowd for dancing. I could not understand anything like why people are laughing & dancing on bhajans. There were smiles & helping hands everywhere.
Somehow that evening passed & I saw this noticeboard which said that by next week they had this Yes+ workshop in Delhi with Bawa & Dinesh.

I thought for a moment and told my friend that I want to do it. I felt if no medicines on my stomach pain are working, I will see this.

So the next week arrived & I was still very much in pain. I hopped on to Metro train & wished that I get a seat to sit as the place was bit far & luckily I got one.

The course venue - Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) was not hard to find. Still in pain I entered in course & placed me in front row. After first day of course I realized there is little relief in pain, hence I stopped medication. The very lovely duo of Bawa & Dinesh ,sessions with Atika Didi & others were so good to put into words.

After second day I realized it’s much better & so on. By the end of the course I was feeling far better. Though pain was almost gone, it still took me a week to get onto regular diet. So after more than a month I could relish any meal.

Ever since then, I have no such stomach problem. Even if minor problem happens due to over-eating , poor eating habits, unhygienic roadside food etc. these problems don’t stay for long & I am ok within 1-2 days at the max.

So this pain which could not be cured after a month’s treatment & no medical test could clarify the cause got better within first day of the course itself.

I don’t know what worked & how it happened. But yeah it was a relief from pain & I got a Guru for lifetime. 
This is how journey with The Art of living started. From pain to all smiles :) 

Thank you Gurudev!

Thanks to all. 
Jai Guru Dev
Shikha Sood

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