Thursday, November 29, 2012

MY Guru-Story.....

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Since I was so sad on those days I took a sudden decision to go to Bangalore Ashram on March 2nd 2012. I got the Information that Guruji was leaving for foreign tour on 4th of the same month. I left for Ashram on 1st evening from Kochito Bangalore by train. On 2nd of March early Morning I have reached Bangalore City Railway station.
After taking refreshment from the Railway station itself, I went to Majestic to fetch Bus for Ashram. I was going to Ashram for the first time. I had telephoned to Ashram to know whether Guruji is available there on that day or not. A lady voice answered my call saying that, Guruji’s all programs changed and Guruji will be available on 26th of March Only...!!

I was on a state of cry, with disappointment. At last, I decided to go back to home and so I went to the ticket counter and asked for train timings back to Kochi. I got to know that, my train is there on at 21.30 hrs only. So it was a waste of my time in the railway station to wait for 10 hours.

I thought...However I have come to Bangalore..I shall go and see the Ashram. So I had to put my luggage in the cloak-room of the railway station and again went to Majestic Bus-stand to fetch Bus. A Bus driver who knows Hindi guided me on that.

At last I reached the Ashram. I went to the information Counter and enquired. I got information that Guruji is now at Delhi. And Guruji would be coming on (3rd of March) and so Satsang is there with Bhanu Didi and Dr.Manikandan today and on 3rd there will be Guruji's Darshan.  I was totally excited. So I went back to the Railway station and took my Luggage.

In the evening I was late for the Satsang. Only few people were there for satsang. To my Surprise, Guruji was in front of me accompanied by few people. I RAN TO GURUJI AND FELL ON TO GURUJI'S FEET. GURUJI BLESSED ME. In the Satsang Guruji answered the three questions I wished to ask.

In May 2012 when I was physically and mentally weak, made a sudden visit to Ashram, likewise reached early morning at Bangalore City Railway Station..Refreshed. Reached Ashram.

Then again  to my surprise, AFTER POOJA, GURUJI IN FRONT OF ME, IN THE CAR...WAVED TO ME, SMILED AT ME...HAD EYE TO EYE CONVERSATION WITH Guruji... Got a Meditation also directly from Guruji in the evening Satsang.



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