Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miracle Phone search

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Jai Gurudev, 

I wanted to share this amazing guru story. I have a 11 month old daughter and she is quite handful. Keeps me on my toes all the time. Usually every day was great but that day for some reason I was quite tired and a bit cranky. Everything seemed to take more time than usual. I was to drive with my daughter to Friday beach satsang. I started getting ready to leave and packed every little thing that my daughter might need. I was going towards my car to enter through the garage and my husband called I picked up the phone talked to him and headed to the car. Placed my daughter in the car seat and headed to drive and suddenly I realized I don't have my phone with me. I searched the whole car again went back home searched it, didn't find it. Then I left thinking it must be in the car.. so after the satsang we searched the whole car.. Called the phone numerous times, but didn't find it. 

Funny thing was in the evening when my husband called to find where the phone is there was no dial tone since it was in the underground parked and that same night we started getting the dial tone that only meant that someone had the phone. Again late in the night we kept on calling but no luck. Then suddenly while my husband was calling the phone I just closed my eyes and prayed to Guruji. And the very next minute I get a call from my phone and the person who picked it up was a 10 year old girl with her mom. Her mom wasn't speaking English. So my husband talked to that little girl and we got out phone. 

Amazing is the guru grace. We are so blanketed by it all the time. Just not aware sometimes with all our layer of stress and feverishness. Just need to connect back to yourself with regular sadhana and meditation.



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