Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lively Experience

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Jai Gurudev!! 
I am a Student studying in Class XIIth standard (Science Stream) and a YES! Graduate.

It was usual Day but held Important to Me as it was My Interview Day for D.S.A.T (Districtive Sciences Of Automobile Technology) Level-II as I had earlier Qualified its written paper i.e Level-I.

I was Really Cool & Calm on that day, It was natural that there was a little element of Nervousness too but I went With full confidence to the Required Venue for the Level-II(Interview).

As I went there, saw many candidates just learning with all books piled Up in their hands……Soon After as the Needle of Clock struck 10, We were handed over a Interview Sheet which stated all necessary details of ours Which we had to handover to our interviewer. And at the back of the page there were two Questions

Q.1) What are your Inspirations for your life??
Q.2) What all Made You Inspired to take up Science as A Stream??

My Answer to 1st was Obviously Sri Sri (My Real Time Hero)
And for the second was ALL My passion to take up Science as a Stream.

My chance came at about 11.30 am, I went inside the Interviewers Room. 
Said "Jai Gurudev" and Went in.........
he took the interview sheet. And as soon as he started to read the back side, he was so impressed that in all my 20 minutes that he only talked about guruji and told ,"I also did the course 5 years back" and then a question was asked by interviewer to know if I know about Art of Living organization.
So he asked me these questions,
q.1 In how many countries is art of living spread??
q.2 Where s the art of living s international center situated??

and my interview was over!! 
everybody asked what did he asked you?? I just giggled & came.

I was passed in level ii and became d.s.a.t scholar 2012...
guruji you rock!! 
My interviewer getting impressed and asking no questions~all guru’s grace!!

Jai Gurudev!!

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