Thursday, November 8, 2012

It is Guru's grace always

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I have done my basic course and I have always adored Guruji's words in every sense. Guruji's blessings had always been with me. My son had appeared for an interview and was waiting for the results.
I happened to read the Guru story sent by one of the devotees and he had mentioned about a similar situation. My son had already had a similar interview but in vain. But he is very hardworking and I know that he would be shattered if he does not get through and this was for his assignment in Europe. I was very deeply involved in my prayers and wished Guruji to bless my son so that he succeeds. As I was shutting down the computer, I wanted to check the mails, and I came across the Guru story which I mentioned above. The person who wrote that when his wishes were fulfilled, he realized that the interview was on a Thursday and the day he got  the information of his success was again a Thursday, Guru day.

Suddenly it struck me that I should verify the day when my son had called me to pray just before his interview. I saw that it was a Thursday and the day his first round of selection occurred was Thursday. Just before I went to bed I realized as if my stress was relieved regarding my son's success. It is as if someone has guaranteed me as if his selection is sure. This was a feeling of assurance which none could give me. I was so happy and contented and told my son the next day that he will get his posting. To my happiness he got the news which he awaited. Yes he got it. The indication was a call on Thursday both for the first round of selection and for the interview. So Guru is always there to see that our desires are fulfilled and never let us down if you ask him wholeheartedly.

Jai Gurudev
Aparna Krishnan, New Delhi

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