Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guruji helps us always

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Jai Gurudev!! 
There are many incidents in my life and he has taken care of me every time. This is one such incident which is worth sharing with everyone. 
It was the month of August 2012 and I had a very important business event to attend on Oct 6 at Bangalore. I booked the tickets for Bangalore immediately as it was difficult to get proper reservation. I just thought that I will stay for an extra day there and visit the Ashram and have His darshan as well. But as I had to accompany my colleague and there were back-to-back meetings, it was not possible to extend my stay at Bangalore or take-out time to go to the Ashram. I thought, I will miss seeing Him this time. I was feeling bad that I am being so close to the Ashram and not seeing Him. 
In September, I received the email that the event in Bangalore got postponed by a week and will be on Oct 13 instead. I hurriedly checked for the tickets and luckily I was able to get two tickets again for Oct 12 and the return. This time also, I cannot spare an extra day in Bangalore. But, I thought I will use the week before ticket if possible and go only to the Ashram and see Him and come back. May be this is His wish. 
Next day I received an email from AP Information Centre that Guruji has called all teacher coordinators, district coordinators, Apex bodies, Program coordinators to the Ashram and they will inform the dates shortly. Now, if I have to go for this meet then I have to take leave and it is always tough to get the tickets when there are few days spared for travel. So, I was just wishing that the date should be Oct 6 or 7. And yes, Guruji fixed the meeting date with Him on Oct 7. So, with me another DDC member also got the reservation and the chance. Guruji made me book the tickets in August 2012 so that, I can meet Him in Oct without any trouble. 
Looking at past and present, we try to plan the future. Guruji, seeing the future and plans our present. 
We had an hour long session with Guruji and we had an awesome face-to-face talk with Him. These were the most precious moments that I have spent with Him. Thanks a lot Guruji for being with us always.

Aashish Malve  

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