Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gurudev's Grace is Amazing

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He always hears our prayers, fulfills our every need and loves us very dearly. So many miracles happen every moment with me but this one I felt like sharing with all.

I live in Singapore, called up my brother in Delhi to wish them all on Dusshera day .To my surprise he was in hospital admitting our mother suffering from liver cirrhosis and many other complications.With lords Grace we got the tickets to rush to Delhi same evening. Next morn We went to hospital and couldn't believe our eyes. She was in ICU sinking with multiple organ failure. We had no hope but my Faith in Guruji has been and shall remain forever so I did not give up.
Yesterday (Thursday)after eight days of battling in ICU on ventilation etc I cried and prayed to Gurudev for some good news.
To everybody's surprise she opened her eyes and moved her limbs. She communicated and recognized all family members and visiting relatives.

So a new ray of hope from our beloved Lord . Thank you for blessing us. You shall remain in my heart till my last breath.

Aisi hain kripa Guruji  humpar sada
Bhoolegey naa kabhi tumhey sada
Long live Gurudev and long live Art of Living

Anita Kaul

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