Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Guruji is the GREATEST

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Jai Gurudev
My mum had been telling me all her experiences about how guruji has helped her every step of the way. She kept insisting that I do a course but with 2 little ones I never got a chance to till this year May of 2012. I did this course in Fiji and my whole street was into art of living, and kept going on and on about guruji. I being skeptical kept thinking in the back of my mind, they are all crazy... How can they pray to Guruji and he takes care of things? It was hard for me to understand... I did the course in Fiji and felt very good but I still wasn't connected to guruji or felt the love people have for him. My flight going to Fiji was very rough with the 2 kids, and coming back to Chicago I had an 18 hours hold in LA.

Then when I was coming back to USA from Fiji on the ride to the airport my mum and my kaki (aunt) kept telling me oh watch guruji will take care of everything. Just surrender to him. As we reached the airport we saw 2 busses, when I went in the whole airport was full and EVERYONE was going to LA, the flight I was going in. I was standing last in line and I had about 200 people in front of me for check-in. I was traveling alone with my 2 little boys, my mum told me to just give ur problems to guruji and he will take care of it... So I closed my eyes and said "Guruji I surrender, u take me to my destination safely". As soon as I said that and opened my eyes, a security guard come in front of me out of no where and asked "what did u say mam"? I was shocked coz I hadn't said anything. I then asked him if everyone was going to LA and he said yah the flight is pretty full. Then he asked me who I was traveling with and I said with these 2 kids... He then said oh come with me, he took me right in front of the line, and said u could check in next. I was still in shock. Then while i was checking in I suddenly had this thought and asked the lady "I need assistance with the kids" she said ok no problem, they assisted me all the way to the plane at my seat. The flight went smooth. That's not all....

I had a 18 hour hold in LA and my friend was picking us up from the airport, I was told by numerous people working at the airport that I will have to check out all my bags in LA and take it with me and check-in again the next day when I come to Chicago because the maximum they can hold a bag for is 12 hours hold. I didn't want to do that and was hoping I will just get all my luggage in Chicago because I had 2 small kids, 3 big bags, 3 full hand luggage and my purse and a camera bag. So after getting the customs done in LA I thought let me just try to see if they will take my bags. I stood in line to give my bags to the guy who was putting it on the belt. There was another guy in front of me and when his turn came, the security guy asked for his ticket, after looking he told him " sorry sir ur flights at 8am tomorrow, we can only hold the bags for 12 hours if more, you need to checkin tomorrow". I closed my eyes again and said " Guruji you brought me safely till here..., u take care of this" . When my turn came, the security guy didn't ask for my tickets or anything.... He just took my bags and put it on the belt and just smiled. When i reached chicago all my bags were here, safely. That's when my faith in guruji got established, I couldn't help but tell everyone about my guruji. This was just the first experience I have had. I just give problems to him and he takes me out of every situation. Miracles have become a part of my everyday life. I have never met guruji but I really really wish we meet soon.

Jai Gurudev

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