Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Guru Story

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Where do I begin with? My life is filled with Guru Stories. So I will share the latest one.
I did my engineering in PESIT, Bangalore, which I completed in May 2012. I was placed in one of the companies here in Bangalore with quite a decent pay. I wanted to work in Dubai as my parents stay there. I went to Dubai for vacation. There I applied in one of the companies as soon as I reached there. After a few mails reminding them of my CV, I got a response saying I would have my interview soon. How soon only Guruji knew! A month passed. I was enjoying myself totally knowing that wherever I join, it will be for good. But Dubai was still up on priority list. Now as days passed, my joining in Bangalore came. It was a week left for my joining there, again i reminded them of my CV, and there comes yet again the same response. In the meantime, my elder brother Rohit Patil had full faith that interview would happen on a Thursday (Guru ka din). I had given up Dubai option, as Thursdays passed. Now i had 2 days left for my joining in Bangalore, and I was still in Dubai with no idea where I would be. No flight booking had been done for Bangalore and my visa in Dubai was also very close to end of validity.

My brother got a call for Guru Puja at someone's house on a Thursday. He got this call a week earlier. Just one day before this Thursday, I got a call saying I have my interview scheduled the next day (i.e. Thursday)....This was like WOOOW!! Guru ka din and interview. My bro accompanied me to the office where I had my interview. I was taken inside a room. Where I had my technical round 2 on 1. It went pretty bad, with the interviewers questioning me left and right on various topics. I came out with a clear indication that it was pretty bad and chances were less unless Guruji does some miracle.
So I came home and decided I would join Bangalore, and enquired about the flights to Bangalore.

That evening I went for Guru Puja and satsang. Had a blissful Guru Puja performed by my brother and I was fully immersed in satsang. And there the miraculous call came to my brother saying, "We are ready to take him". This was such a sweet music to everyone of us. But they were taking for some other position than what I had applied for and this one had shifts, which I did not want to do at any cost. So I told my parents and brother that I am joining in Bangalore. And there after sometime, another call comes saying, we will take you for yet another position and this one does not have shifts!!
I was like WOOOW!!!!

Now that they had unofficially assured me, that they would take me, official confirmation was still awaited. And till I got that, visa process wouldn’t start. So I thought of coming to Bangalore Ashram for seva and during my seva period I got my official confirmation.

Also, this whole process after selection takes generally 4-5 months at least. But for me, it happened in a month's time.

Indeed Guru ki mahima koi na jaane!(no one knows what’s in God’s mind) Its only after I completely surrendered to him that he came to my rescue. He waits till you surrender completely.

My brother's boss came as Guru's vehicle in this process, which helped me totally in this and my brother was the most tangible Guru's vehicle.

So in which form he comes and helps us, no one knows. Its just necessary to have faith in HIM! :)

Dnyanesh Patil

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