Sunday, October 21, 2012

He is always there, we just need to ask.

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I have so many guru stories to share, and how always Guruji’s grace brought me out of difficult situations. But I will begin by sharing what happened most recently.

I had left my 4 year old daughter and maid at the playground to play, while I went to the mall to change an art of living music cd. I was driving the car and trying to make a u turn, near the entrance of the mall. But there was a car ahead of me, who was just not moving  as he was busy on the mobile . As I was in a rush, since I left my daughter, I drove past him and that left a bit of scratch on his car.

I did not realize that and I just drove back. Suddenly that car ( black honda), followed me and threaten me to stop  my car. I pulled my car to a corner and stopped. The man and his wife came out our their car, furious with anger. They also involved the policeman who was standing there. They demanded I pay for the damages and do a police report.

I just prayed so hard to Guruji to help me in the situation and started chanting om namah shiva. Suddenly I just felt so calm, and I knew in my heart Guruji is with me, and all will be well. I waited there patiently for 10 mins, while the guy was busy talking on the phone.

Finally he came to me and said I can leave. It was miraculous change his mood. And I knew it's only my Guru's grace.

Many incidents have happen where I felt that Guruji brought me out. We are so lucky that we have nothing to fear as we have our Guru with us all the time!

In gratitude :-) 

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