Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guruji knows coding!!!

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Hello :-)

I did my yes+ from Bangalore ashram in March 2012 and I can say that I have come out as a different person. Even before the course I always felt a connection with Guruji and more miracles started happening after the course. 

I was not able to cope up in one of the laboratory courses and my faculty was also cross at me. After the course I tried to make things right with her but in vain. On the day of final examination, I studied everything surrendered to Guruji and went to the lab. Once I got the question paper I was blank for a long time. I closed my eyes and prayed again. Out of nowhere I started coding the programs and I got the output within half an hour. The faculty was so surprised that she checked the results thrice. She couldn’t understand what just happened but I could...

Around that time only, I was working on a research paper. There were little hopes that it will get published but as we rely on miracles, I got a call on the day before the conference that my research paper has been selected and I am invited to present it.

Whatever situation am in I always feel that HE is always walking with me. I feel so blessed to have Guruji in my life.
Jai Gurudev :)
Anmol Rai Gupta

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