Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guruji Is watching us every moment!

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Dear all,
Jai Guru Dev!

I did my Basic Course in 2000. This incident happened in 2005.

It was my first trip overseas and I was very excited - it was a 3 Day conference in Singapore. I used this opportunity to buy a lot of toys, books, clothes for my 2year old daughter .I went with one bag and bought a couple of additional bags to carry back the additional goods. I was extremely happy while returning home to meet my parents, wife and daughter. The flight landed at the Old HAL Bangalore airport at around midnight. I got my bags from the belt and went to a prepaid taxi counter to take a cab home- we didn't have the radio city cabs in 2005 and the pre-paid cabs were generally the Maruti Omnis or Indicas.

I strutted joyfully into an Indica cab and reached home at around 1.30pm. My father was awake when I reached home. I was just finishing my bath when my father knocked hard on the bathroom door and asked me where my Laptop was. I said that it has to be there along with the bags that I had got. I quickly dressed up and checked the place where i had kept my bags - The Laptop was not there. I just didn't know what to do. Instinctively, I looked at Guruji's picture and calmly said "Guruji, please please help me out, the Laptop has all my official documents and to top it all I haven't taken any backup".

I decided to take a rickshaw and go to the airport and was contemplating on Guruji on the way in a silent prayer. It was around 3pm by the time me and my father reached the airport - at that time the already constrained airport was in complete chaos with huge number of vehicles moving into and outside the airport. There was hardly any space for people to walk, there was no way we could find that particular indica which took me home and even if we did find the vehicle there was no guarantee that the Laptop would be there.
The moment I got out of the rickshaw , instinctively my hand went to the prepaid taxi bill in my purse where the taxi registration number was mentioned and i saw this number for the first ever time. I looked up and I saw an Indica having the same registration number moving 5 meters away from me towards the exit of the airport. I shouted and pleaded the driver to stop. He stopped and I ran towards the cab to check the backseat -there was another passenger sitting there on the left side of the backseat and my laptop was there on the right side (and neither the driver nor the passenger had even noticed its presence in the cab). I profusely thanked the driver who just smiled at what had happened.

I returned home with tears of gratitude at this miracle.

Guruji was watching every moment.

With lots of love,
jai Gurudev!
Balaji iyer

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