Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chamatkar (Miracle)

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A miracle happened with me today. Since two months, I had a tennis elbow pain and I wasn't able to do the 3rd stage of Pranayam. One fine day, our Art of Living teacher Binduji called me for followup. But I refused to go since I felt that there is no point in attending followup as I could not to do the 3rd stage of Pranayam. Since she insisted, I went for the follow-up (though unwillingly) because I did not wanted to disappoint my teacher.
I did kriya withe everyone. During Kriya, I felt intense vibrations in my hand. When I came home, there was less pain. As per the instructions of my teacher, I sat to do sadhna (the next day) and a miracle happened. I did have pain but as I started with 2nd stage pranayama with my hands in position, there was no pain at all. Tears of gratitude started flowing non-stop. I could also do the 3rd stage pranayama easily without any pain. After the kriya was over, I thanked my teacher (with gratitude for Guruji). Had my teacher not insisted for the follow-up, I would have simply continued eating medicines and would have landed up on operation table. Jai gurudev!

Suman Singh

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