Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Guru Story from Delhi

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Jai guru Dev!!
I could feel this connection with Guruji many years before I did my basic course. My habit of spiritual reading made me read the column of speaking tree everyday in the times of India. Somehow Guruji’s article used to reach my heart instantly and I could feel elevation in my spirits. I used to wonder how such simple day to day affairs were so beautifully put across to us seekers. I had this urge to meet Guruji at least once.
I bought myself copies of the “intimate note to a sincere seeker” . I was on the constant look out for the Basic course happening in my area. My husband and I wished to do the course together, but due to job constraints of my husband , the course admission did not happen for 2 years, I consoled myself that the right time has not yet come .
Weeks passed and I saw the Banner of Guruji’s visit at Siri fort auditorium, New Delhi. My husband agreed to take me there . The satsang of Ms Roy had begun and the auditorium was full. Guruji came in later , we squatted on the floor in front and listened to the question answer session and immense love and flowers everyone had brought for Guruji.
After the talk by Guruji, everyone dispersed, so many people rushed behind Guruji, there were people all around him. I had this hope that I might get a chance to touch his feet. Nevertheless, I was happy I could meet him.
We came out to avoid rush and my husband went to get our car out from parking and I waited alone with no people next to me, at the other end of the road.
I was taken with great surprise when Guruji’s car just passed me; Guruji lowered the shutter down and held out his hand. His soft hands were so reassuring “I am there for you “. Guruji knew my intense urge to meet him and I feel so blessed to be a part of Art of Living and guided at every step. The Guru punch I receive by email everyday is a guide that is a savior. It is after this that one fine month when my husband was on tour to UK, I decided to do the course as after this long wait.
Thank you Guruji ...We love you ☺

I pray to Guruji that all should experience the wonderful transformation the course does to you. I wish that my husband also does the course soon , and experience the bliss.

Jai Gurudev!

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