Thursday, September 6, 2012

My experience, just with the sincere thought of our Guruji.

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My experience is a very special one to share with you all.
This incident happened even before I did my Basic Course in the Kanakapura Ashram in April 2010.
In March 2010, I was returning from Sydney on a Sunday and the flight would reach Bangalore early morning on Monday, when I had to attend my office for a very urgent meeting in the morning which could not be avoided.

In the meantime, I read few books on Guruji when I was with my daughter and her family in Sydney which made me feel the Power and Divinity of our dear Guruji.

Actually, I had spondylosis and knee pain. So, I just prayed to Guruji that since the journey is very long and I had to sit for long hours, so if I could get a place to lie down for some time, I could go to office the next day without any tiredness.

Here the miracle happened in the flight. The three seater row was only for me!!!! When I saw the other seats empty, I even asked the attendee in the flight whether I can make use of the other seats and he told me “They are yours ". To my surprise, this happened on a Sunday, when the flights are supposedly full!

Then in the very next month I did my basic course in the Ashram and do Pranayam/Sudarshan Kriya every day.
Now, I do not have any Spondylosis problems at all !!!!

Jai Guru Dev.
Lakshmi Nair, Bangalore.

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