Sunday, September 16, 2012

It really works

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Jai Gurudev,

Recently I did my blessing course. Though I was keeping very busy in office I decided, to take some time to do the course. The blessing course was scheduled on 12th July, while I had to give an application demo to a very important client on 18th July, Wednesday. I thought I had two days i.e Monday and Tuesday which was enough to test the application before we give the demo to the client.
After returning from the blessing course on Monday, while I was testing the application there were too many issues and bugs which were required to be solved and two days time was not enough. I regretted for taking leave and going for the course, I thought I should have taken up this course at a later time when all my commitments were over. To make things worse the application crashed while uploading a file to the server and we were not able to recover it till 8.30 in the evening on Tuesday. We were supposed to leave at 5.00 am the next day, but till Tuesday evening we were still struggling. I was much tensed and did not know what to do.

I prayed to Guruji and blessed the whole situation and guess what..... Within 10 minutes of giving blessings our client himself called us up and requested the demo to be postponed to next week as they were facing some issues in their company.
Oh my god client calling up himself and postponing the demo was a miracle for me. I thanked deeply to Guruji and knew for sure that blessings really work. My faith in Guruji and his blessings has now increased hundred times and I feel lucky to become his blessing channel.

Jai Gurudev
Jayashree Kulkarni

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