Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I met Guruji after a long time...

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Dear All,

As our 'Guru experiences' are in plenty, I was wondering what I would write whenever I read other devotees' stories. Every day offers some miracles by His Grace.

But what I experienced last week, I can't help expressing!
When I heard that my cousins and friends had visited Guruji, I started developing an intense desire to meet Him. For so many months I hadn't seen Him. I didn't know what to do and who would come with me to Bangalore Ashram from Cochin.

Finally I dropped my botheration in the web site and next morning called a friend (an AOL teacher, who had also added to my longing) to know if she would come with me. As she had been in Ashram the week before, she was not able to come, but gave me a contact number. As I called them they were four people - a husband and wife, a mother and son - going the next day. They told me to take Tatkal ticket and join them.

To the greatest surprise for all of us, I got a confirmed seat/berth in the much crowded Kanyakumari-Bangalore train in the Friday evening. (That very moment i decided to share this story with every one).

That too, in the same compartment with them.
What to say? From then onwards, till my return trip on Monday evening, it was a total gift package from my Gurudev.

I saw Him the next day (Saturday) and got a wonderful live meditation too. During Satsang, He asked, "two days back, you were wondering how to reach Bangalore. Now aren't you in Bangalore?".

Somebody said, "Guruji, you are very busy" and He replied, "Yes, I am busy, but I have time for you. Tell me, all your Sankalpas are materialized, right?".

When I left Ashram, my heart had already filled with the delight of His Darshan.
I am blessed, not just for this life time, but for all life times to come!

My eyes fill with tears of gratitude whenever I see Him.
How fortunate we are all...
Jai Guru Dev!

Jayasree Nair

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