Thursday, September 13, 2012

His Darshan and Blessings

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I did my Part I course in Dec 2011 by chance and that changed my life forever. I then went on to do my higher courses. However I did not meet Guruji. My Part II teacher told that Life changes after one meets him. I was very eager to meet him but could not meet him, either he would be abroad or I would not get leave. However from last week onwards I was getting updated in Facebook about evening satsang with Guruji broadcasted live. I knew I he was in Bangalore, but somehow I was not getting a chance.

This Saturday i.e. 28th July 2012 was like any other day for me. I woke up, did my kriya, visited temple and then headed for my office. Suddenly I got an SMS from an unknown number. The sender said that they are going to visit ashram for Guruji's Darshan and Satsang and would start at 2pm and wanted me to assemble at a particular place. I saw my watch it was 10.00 am. Something spurred me. I immediately completed all my work and made a request to my Boss. I showed the sms to my Boss and he agreed instantly. I had my lunch and started from my office. It was 2.00 pm. I took all possible short cuts and drove at more than my normal speed and finally reached ashram at 3.30pm.I went to take my darshan coupon and stood in the queue near Badri Vishala.

The queue was similar to the serpentine queues by participants of reality shows. The gates were manned by volunteers; suddenly one of the volunteers called me in for SEVA for preparing the Badri Vishala.I was overjoyed, I Hurriedly went inside and prepared the room.

We were asked to sit in row and were told that Guruji will be visiting each one of us. A Gentleman next to me suggested that I should write down my problems in a paper and handover to him. I wrote down 3 points and kept ready.

He arrived in the hall and started meeting every one.I immediately started taking pictures on my cell phone and very soon he was near. I handed over my paper to him, I spoke to him in Tamil and told my problems, He told me it will be resolved soon, I fell on his feet.

After I came out I was feeling light and very happy. I sat for evening satsang in the front row. During Satsang in Art of Living ashram I was Suddenly Laughing and suddenly crying. While driving back home I was overjoyed by the day's experience I was dancing at home. I feel that my burden has been snatched by somebody

Jai Guru Dev
Viswa, Bangalore

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