Sunday, September 9, 2012

Got what I wanted

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I have never met Guruji in my life as of yet. I came to know about AOL through my mom who lives in Mumbai, and I am based in Toronto.
My curiosity grew when my Mom would share her experience of attending satsang, and attending courses in Bangalore. 

My guru story started last year in October. I was very unhappy with my job, and my mom knew this very well. She told me that I just pray to Guruji in regards to my circumstances and leave it to him. I prayed a lot every morning, I would tell Guruji in my heart, how unhappy I was in my job- and that I desperately needed a change. I even knew which job would make me happy and provide more opportunities in the future.

It so happened that in November, I was speaking with my colleagues and was talking about our job. I told him that I am not happy here and that life would be so great if I got this other job which I wanted for a long time. After the conversation ended, I went back to my desk- and literally within 30 seconds my phone rang. It was the hiring manager of the position that I was looking for. She said that she would like to offer me a position with her company. She knew me because she used to be one of my clients. I was so shocked at first I didn’t know what to say, when you want something so much and you yearn for it from your heart and soul, and then you finally get it. Off course I said yes!!! After I got off the phone, I realized what a MIRACLE had taken place- because there was no advertisement for this job, I never submitted my resume or even had an interview. I was shaken by what had happened and was so thankful to Guruji, that he heard my prayers. To top it off, that very day happened to be my birthday- it was the present I could ever ask for.
I called my mom and shared this news with her, and I told her how it was anything short of a miracle? I never even applied for the job, but it came knocking on my door. Mom said it was all due to Guruji’s grace and love. I wondered how anyone could love me so much and I have never even met Guruji in person. The story gets better…

My start date was in February 2012. I was very excited, to go on training and learn new things. About 1 month after I started my new job, it was the end of March- I got some terrible news. The office that I use to work in was making great cuts, and everyone was laid off. All my dear friends and colleagues were lost their jobs. I was the only one who was safe and made it out in time. This made me look back, and wonder how Guruji saved me in nick of time, had I been work there I too would have been laid off. Guruji really looked after me in every way. I get emotional when I think about the great blessing I received.
Jai Guru Dev…. 

Eternally Grateful,
Neha Vohra

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