Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wow! What an amazing grace!!!!

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My heart has got filled with tears of gratitude and my life filled with abundance of grace. My family and I were struggling financially for over 2 decades. My father was in 50 Lakh rupee debts. My sister was not finding a soul mate. My immigration status in us was unstable. My bosses and supervisors had suppressed me and depressed me. I had anxiety all the time. My father debt kept on accumulating 1 percent per month. These problems seemed like they were never ending.

But since 2006 something in me got pulled out towards Guruji and I began my devotion in him. My faith began to build day by day. My sadhana was religiously regular. I started taking more courses. Started reading and listening to Guruji’s knowledge. Started thinking of him every moment and started surrendering to him. Lot of changes came in me. I became stronger on my good virtues and the bad ones literally disappeared. My devotion, prayers, sadhana, sat sang was always with me.

My depression anxiety totally vanished. I became super confident happy and ready to face worldly challenges.
The biggest miracle happened, after I did my Gurupurnima blessings course in 2010 in US. All the desires and worries I had, slowly were getting fulfilled and solved. I was never happy in my 17 yrs job life. I always felt that I am so deserving and smart but I was always got exploited. But my guru is the greatest. My job was lost and I started on my own business. Then the shower of grace has always been on. Today my father’s debt is nil in 2 yrs and on top of it he has money. My business is going good. My sister is married. So we have everything now.
But the most important thing is that I have my guru with me and my sadhana and devotion. And that's what will continue. I live u Gurudev.


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