Thursday, August 30, 2012

One of many Guru Stories happened with me

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Jai Guru Dev,
It brings me lot of memories of how I became a part of one the happiest global family.
Though many Guru Stories happened with me and I feel blessed to experience such warmth from Guru Dev.
But I would like to share this one, which happened around 2 years ago. I did my part 2 with Guruji in Rishikesh ashram. I was in state of bliss and felt whatever will happen; Guruji will take care of everything. With the same thought, I made a mistake (in fact foolishness) of trusting someone and giving away few lacs of rupees. It was meant to be returned in one month’s time. While transferring this money to the person I prayed to Guruji and told him he only has to take care of what happens next.

I did not tell this to anyone including my parents, but this led me to feel gloomy all the time. Then after a while it was assured I won’t get this back after repeated tries to trace the person whom I gave money who was based abroad.
All my AOL friends were great support always. I could not hold it one day & told this to 2 of my close friend in Yes+. Later I told this to one of the teacher. In fact I was scared my parents may sense something wrong if I visit them. My friends would always push me to go my home town regularly and see parents.

I was working in an MNC in Delhi NCR then & getting paid monthly, but what I gave away was the savings, which I had saved in last couple of years. I had this habit of saving most of my salary and spending very little, this is how I ended up in saving good amount. I had kept this amount to pay my sibling’s academic fee for her master’s degree in Medicine.

So I started saving more and more from my salary to overcome the loss and making me more miserable. Though I kept in touch with my entire Yes+ group and was involved in organizing courses which made me closer to the divine. I mailed/called this person regularly in hope of getting money back. The phone number, his company website all turned out to be fake later. He was in touch with me initially and assured to return money, but this too seized after a while.

I prayed to Gurudev daily and sent many letters to him which was handed to him personally by friends. One of my friends even talked to him about me while he went to see him Bangalore ashram.
This all went for 8-9 months. I had accepted this situation by now. That I won’t ever get back even a rupee now. I felt this is due to my bad karma of previous birth or I really owed this money to this person from previous births.

Then one fine day, after office we all (yes+ guys) went to see Guru Dev who was visiting Delhi. There were people all around him. I touched his feet and told him in murmur voice “Guru Dev I am praying to you since quite some time now please answers my prayers”.

Next day it was Saturday but I went office to do some work. I checked my mail and got to know that I have received almost 60% of money back via western union. I was elated. I was happy but still not as happy as still some amount of money was stuck. I kept praying to Gurudev and kept doing my daily sadhana and volunteering for the courses.

Very next week Guru Dev was in Delhi again. I went to see him and I got a chance to hug him. This is it. Next day I got mail from a person who claimed to be friend of this person whom I gave money and some more money was transferred to my bank account. I checked my account and found it true. I was stunned and happy.

Though I couldn’t get whole money back still substantial amount was repaid. It could not have happened without the presence of master in life. I tried all from my side, called this person many times, mailed him daily but nothing happened. Just meeting with Gurudev changed all.
I know I made mistake but Guru Dev corrected it.

Jai Guru Dev
Shikha Sood

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