Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Guru Story

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After reading so many guru stories, I am inspired to write my own.

It was last year 2011. We were living in Estonia. I am a designer by profession and during those days I was feverishly working on an assignment for my father. The work required use of computer mostly. I used to work all night and had all my data stored in my laptop. But to my misfortune one day my laptop stopped charging and it went out. I was in total panic mode. I tried every possible way to charge it but it would not. There was imp data I wanted to send to my father in it and my father was depending upon me. If it was India I could have got the laptop repaired but in Estonia it was impossible.

That night I was sitting with my laptop in my lap and prayed to guruji, if it would work only for once I would send all the files to my father and that's it. I prayed and prayed and prayed and while I was praying I tried to charge it once more....and to my disbelief it worked! Not just for an hour but for the whole night. I not only mailed him all the files but finished all my pending work in the night. The laptop never worked after that day. :)

Thank you guruji :)



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