Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Guru Story: Immediate answer to my Prayer

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I was heading to World Culture Festival in Berlin. My flight was due to arrive in Berlin around 22.30 pm at Schönefeld airport, which is slightly remote from the city of Berlin. I was travelling alone and had planned to use public transport to reach the hotel. So I had called the hotel in advance and got the directions. The route from the airport to the hotel wasn’t straight forward; it involved quite few changes from train to trams.

At the airport before boarding the flight, I realised that I had forgotten the paper where I had the directions of how to reach the hotel. So I called the hotel from the airport and this time the directions I got were vague. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and had to just rush and board the aircraft.

When I reached Berlin, the airport was pretty much abandoned as it was getting rather late at night.I again asked for the directions at the information desk in the airport and stepped out of the terminal building to catch the train. The train station wasn’t immediately visible so I asked a couple of people who couldn’t help. Now I was feeling really uncomfortable, especially when I wasn’t quite clear on the directions. So a deep prayer came up from within; “Guruji help! I’m feeling uncomfortable having to travel by my own using public transport!”

I moved on and asked a gentleman. He asked me where I was heading. I showed him the address of the hotel and he said he lived close by this place. He told me that he had come to the airport to drop his wife, who was going to Turkey to see the family and he would be happy to give me lift. I was totally flabbergasted! Normally I would never trust a stranger but I got a feeling that I could trust him. So I followed my gut feeling and accepted the offer. He kindly gave me lift to the hotel door! I’m convinced that this gentleman’s help was immediate answer to my sincere prayer to Guruji.

Jai Gurudev

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