Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting Guruji @ Airport

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This incident happened in the month of Feb 2012.
After a long wait, I got a call from AOL HR to join one of Guruji’s co. I was called to Bangalore to meet the team. The day I was to leave Bangalore to go home for relocating to Bangalore I got the news that Guruji too was leaving that day for Gujarat. But I had no clue about when Guruji would be leaving. I left the ashram with a wish in my heart ‘kaash’(I wish), I get to meet Guruji at the airport once. 

I arrived at the airport well in advance and checked in. Since there was time in hand I was wandering around the shops. I then noticed 3 - 4 guys in white dress and it immediately clicked me Guruji take a small group along with him. I went near them to over hear and see if they were from AOL… and THEY WERE. I asked one of them is Guruji also coming now, which they affirmed. I was so glad and overwhelmed. It was a wish a few minutes earlier I made and he heard it … to fulfill it. I was eagerly waiting to see him once, closely, with no-one to push me back. While waiting, I heard the arrival announcement of my flight. I thought I would take the chance. It was a little over 10 minutes, I was waiting for Guruji to arrive and there … the boarding was announced. I asked them to check how long it would take Guruji to reach. One of them made a call to check and said “10 minutes”. I was feeling miserable. For the first time got a chance to see Guruji closely, talk to him if I got a chance and here I was waiting for Guruji with the airline announcing the boarding procedure, starting. I still wanted to take the chance till the airline announced my name to board the flight. I was looked at the watch and it was past 10 minutes. While I was looking left and right to see if Guruji is coming, I heard one of the ladies from the group call out to me “there he is … for whom you have been waiting to meet”.

I saw Guruji walking towards the security check, escorted through the VIP check point. I was so excited and almost jumping to see him, that Guruji made a sign with his hand to me, asking to wait. The moment he crossed the check point I dropped my baggage, slippers & ticket, gave my blackberry to one of the members to take a quick snap while I go and touch his feet. I bowed to touch his feet. He stood there. Then I got on my knees to touch his feet with my head at his feet. He stood there. I was there in that position for over 40sec. He stood there. Then someone from behind tapped me as there was another gentleman waiting to take his blessing. So I got up. Then I walked with Guruji and spoke to him… “Guruji I want to be with you. … “, and as he does, in a soft and sweet voice said “haan haan” (Yes-Yes). By that time I had forgotten that they were boarding for my flight and some 15 minutes or more had passed. One of the members from the group reminded me that my flight would be leaving. I ran towards the gate.

Then the 2nd miracle happened. 20 minutes after the boarding was announced I reached the gate thinking that everyone would have left and I may have missed my flight. When I reached there I saw a long line. I was now sure that I had missed my flight and that they had announced the boarding of a 2nd flight for which these passengers were waiting in the queue. Still to see if I could convince them to allow me if the plane had not left I walked up to the gate to speak to the crew. I was trying to giving them a good story so that they let me through, when one of the crew members asked for my ticket and after checking it said, “We are sorry for the inconvenience. There was some fault in the flight engine because of which we have not started the boarding. We are boarding now.” GOD!! Couldn’t believe that. I then thought that I would try to see Guruji once more in the lobby. But then I stopped and thought, Guruji had already made the flight to delay its boarding by 20 minutes after announcing that the boarding had started, so that I could take a close ‘darshan’(Glimpse) of him… and that now I should not overdo it. I decided to stand in the line and board the flight. I safely reached Aurangabad via Mumbai in a mesmerized state after meeting Guruji so closely. It was like a dream come true.

Love you Guruji.
Romi Bhattacharjee

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