Sunday, August 19, 2012

"He is always watching our lives"

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I and my Husband returned to India from states after living there for a year after our marriage. Ours is an arranged marriage. Only by living together we realized that we were two completely different individuals wanting very different things in life - so we had a lot of arguments and fights almost every day. Not that we dint love each other, but it’s just that our ideas, background, thoughts and lifestyles were in totally opposite directions. All this made me go in full depression and I kept thinking to myself (as we all do at different points in time) “why be this happening to me? It was planned to be perfect!” Anyway on returning to India I had this desire to meet Guruji and tell him of my problems (not that he isn’t already aware of it, but I just wanted the weight to be lifted from my heart). So I went to Bangalore and with a friend, went to the ashram. With some divine intervention I got to meet Guruji in his kutir with not too many people. I told him everything in the short time, he listened to me and then said don’t argue with your husband for the next two months. I was determined to follow him and marked the date of the two months ending on my phone- just to set a target that till this date “come what may” I will not argue with him.

The next few days I made a sincere effort not to argue with my husband so much so that I forgot about the target date.
One evening my husband came for work and was working on his laptop, when he suddenly came across a conference happening in Bangalore the next day and he wanted to attend it. So I accompanied him and we went to Bangalore for a day. We were staying at my relatives place. He went for his conference in the morning and I was to spend the day with my cousins but suddenly in the afternoon my husband called and said that the he has met the person he wanted to meet and so he is free now. Quickly I proposed him to show him a property on kanakpura road that my parents recently bought and then I told him we can also visit the ashram. Now my husband very reluctantly agreed to come to the ashram. We reached the ashram at around 7pm in the evening. At that time satsang was going on. Although Guruji was not in Bangalore that time, I was very happy just to be in the ashram with my husband. I showed him around a little bit and then we returned back to my relatives place as we were leaving Bangalore the next day. At night just before going to bed for no reason I looked at date on my phone THEN I SAW - IT WAS THE MARKED DATE ON MY PHONE FOR THE TWO MONTHS TO END. I dint even realize it but it was the exact date and I was at the ashram with my husband (with no plans of visiting Bangalore)! That’s when I called my friend who was with me when I met Guruji and is also an AOL teacher - I told him what happened to me which he only laughed and said " see I told you, he is watching all our lives, so you need not worry about anything at all"

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