Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guruji protected me

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I am writing to share my Guru Story.

I was faced with a terrible problem at work. Some of my colleagues had gotten me into trouble and it was a very hard time. I was in very deep trouble and I desperately needed some help to get me past the stage. I had resumed Kriya after more than 2 years and felt a connection to my spiritual self. Just as I was coming to the center and realizing things were beautiful, I was had a rude shock of the incident at work.

I had heard from friends that Guruji was going to be in Milan around the time of the incident. I live about 4 hours from Milan. I had not anticipated going. But at the last minute, I decided it was worth making the visit. Everything fell into place in the last minute and I made the trip. On the day of Guruji's visit, we left from our hotel for the auditorium where Guruji was scheduled to preside. We were accompanied by a set of Art of Living compatriots who were also in Milan to see Guruji. When we left from the hotel, it was pouring cats and dogs and no one was exactly sure of the route to the auditorium. I prayed to Guruji that the long Kriya session should not start before we got there. And remarkably, we found our way to the venue despite the rain. We were quite late and I'd prayed to Guruji that the long Kriya session should not start before we got there. This was granted :-) Before leaving for Milan, I'd prayed for an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with Guruji.

We started off our session with Guruji with some exercises. And there was a brief gap before starting the long Kriya session for us to see the restrooms in case we needed to do so. I wanted to use the restroom but half way through, I changed my mind and decided I would see if there was an opportunity to meet Guruji and speak with him. I went near the stage where he was seated and lo and behold, there was a small queue of people who were waiting to meet him. I was third in the queue and most miraculously, I got that opportunity of meeting him, just as I had prayed for. I briefly explained my problem to him and asked him whether everything would become alright. He just looked at me, smiled and didn't say anything. My other prayer was also granted :-) And then, it was time to start the long Kriya session. It was beautiful as is always.

An AoL friend of mine who is also a teacher, had told me that you can write down your problem on a piece of paper and hand it over to Guruji and he will take care of it. After the long Kriya, Guruji met everyone who had gathered there. I sought his blessings, passed him the piece of paper where I'd written down my problem and without hesitation, he accepted it. It was a very comforting feeling.

After returning from Milan, my problem briefly got worse and it was a stage where I couldn't do anything and I just submitted it to him. I was due to leave for America on official work the following week but there was so much uncertainty surrounding this visit and I had no idea of whether or not I'd be able to go. That same week, all of the problems were sorted out. If things hadn't gone well, I could've lost my job but truth and the Guru's grace prevailed. I came clean and everything was as normal as was before on the professional front. I left for America that week and had a long holiday before returning to work in the new year.

He protected me from what could have been the worst blotch in my professional life. I came out a bit shaken but with a number of lessons learnt. I was very reluctant to share the story for a long time because I feared that worse things might come my way. But the idea behind spirituality is to share positive experiences so that other people will feel inspired to adopt the path. This is the first post in the direction.

He's always there to take care of you - we need to remind ourselves of this sometimes.

Jai Guru Dev

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