Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything is taken care of

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Everyday is a guru story but this one is special. My siblings visited me to USA. In the same duration I had Upanishads course In LA. I thought I won't go. One morning I was thinking about my dream. After I got my head massage, I thanked the person and guess what, it was Guruji and he said "see you at Upanishads". There was no way I could cancel it. Last minute I got leave from work. I booked tickets for all 3 of us. I was worried what wil my brother and sister do when I am away for the course. He gave me the idea of local tour. My siblings had a blast. I wished that since they are here if they can meet Guruji but then there was no way I could drive them back to the hotel as I didn't have car and next day they had to catch the bus to go to Vegas. With his grace they could attend his lecture and see him; we found a family who were to drop them back to the hotel. I needed a ride to Vegas to join them at the final day of the course. The bus station was closer to the centre and someone out of blue came and dropped me there. We had an awesome trip. Guruji not only takes care of us but our family and friends too.. What else do u need ... M grateful to be in this flowing river of grace... :)


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