Thursday, August 16, 2012

Divine Grace in Professional Life

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I am 26 year old man and am a part of the art of living family, from last 6 years.

I did my Yes! + In Hyderabad in 2006 (the first one held in the city). I was just an intern during that time.

In 2009, I turned professional and joined as an employee with a leading MNC. The work schedule was rigorous and demanded plenty of time to be spent in office.
I am by nature a very ambitious person. I like to succeed and prosper and strive hard to do so. Not meeting expectations at work really pulls me down.

It so happened that due to hindsight I committed some really grave blunders in one assignment in 2011. The blunder I committed was serious and one that it used to give me sleepless nights. As a result of which I started suffering from palpitation. My manager was more or less pissed with me. I vowed not to commit similar errors again.

I was then very regular with my kriya and did it every day without fail. I had a nagging thought that I would suffer the consequences by way of a bad appraisal or a bad rating. This was in March, 2011. A month passed into two and two into three and three into four. I never saw any adverse impact affecting me!

I served the same manager for the same assignments throughout the year. 2011 turned to 2012 and I was even promoted to the next level.

I really owe it all to Guruji and his grace. His words guide me in depressing times and he makes sure my rough times are cushioned with minimal impact.

He is there for his devotees and also for others always!!

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