Thursday, July 12, 2012

You are taken care of!

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I have many Guru Stories. But, this one is interesting!

Year 2011, There were many events happening - Upanishads in LA, World Cultural Festival in Berlin, Guruji was visiting Sri Sri Ashram in Uvalde, TX after a long time then there was Guru Purnima in Canada. I wanted to be at all these events but it was just not possible. I decided I would have to pick so it was Uvalde TX, and Guru Purnima but when I returned from Uvalde meeting Guruji, I had a strong urge to go to the World Cultural Festival ... Just about 3 wks before the World Cultural Festival I registered, purchased my flight tickets and was set to visit Berlin for just 48 hrs! My family was not happy about my decision. It was July 4th, weekend and the whole family was meeting for a "reunion" and I would be the only one missing! My extended family and my family tried to guilt me out of attending WCF. But, I insisted I HAD to go to husband, children and relatives were disappointed.

In my excitement to "be there", I forgot to take the printed instructions on which bus/train routes to take, to get to Estrel Berlin hotel from TEGEL airport. On my way to IAH I was hoping someone that I know from AOL was on my flight, when I was in line to board the plane I saw a familiar face. (The person I had wished would be on my flight!!!) I felt good but it turned out he was registered at a different hotel... but, he said he would ensure I was on the right bus/train after we got off the plane.

Amazingly for the first time IAH to Europe and then Tegel seemed like a short flight! We got off the plane and my friend was waiting for me to pick my bags (don't know why they insisted I check in my carry bag at the entrance of the plane). When I turned around after picking by bag I see a lady standing with a placard "Welcome to Art of Living"... I thought, wow! Now I do not have to bother my friend so I walked towards her and asked what bus/train route to take to get to Estrel Berlin. The lady said "Actually, I am here to pick up a dignitary, Guruji sent us to pick up his guest, you will have to go outside and see if there are volunteers to help you". I thanked her and walked few steps suddenly, she rushes towards me and says "You know by mistake two cars arrived to pick one person you can ride the other car to the nearest train station, this driver will drop you off and you should be fine after that"!!! I was in a daze! I told my friend what just happened...I had a brain freeze...just then another person walked and asked her the same question she told him to join me...he told me he too was going to Estrel Berlin :-) I felt relieved now I had company I was not alone to figure out the train route! My friend decided to leave for his journey on his own to the other hotel he was at; knowing/ensuring I was being taken care of from here on.

My "company" happened to be an Art of Living Teacher stationed in Kuwait...he and I became friends instantly! The driver dropped us off at some train station and in limited English/gestures told us to go down the stairs, buy our tickets and get off at "Sonnenallee". We thanked the driver and walked down the stairs. There was not a single soul on the platform on either side...both of us tried to figure out how to get the ticket out of the vending machine, everything was in German! Just then it struck me, previous year when my children and I visited Berlin my children had mentioned something about tapping the British flag in the display window and the display would be in English! Viola! It worked! (Information that seems insignificant at times comes to great use you don't know when!) ...we both purchased our tickets for the weekend and were wondering which platform to wait at which direction do we go which was the inbound and which was the outbound? Just then a lady came down the stairs we asked her she advised us to punch our tickets for validations and then told us which platform to wait at! All the way to Sonnenallee my new friend and I were chatting and exchanging knowledge! It was a pretty long ride but time just flew by!

All through the WCF Ramkishen took care of me ensuring I was not "lost" in the crowd...we had to get on and off so many trains in those two days. He was like a younger brother Guruji sent to take care of me to ensure I was safe from the moment I landed in Tegel!!! I had company all the way from IAH to Berlin to Tegel and then all through the WCF I was sitting with the "Kuwait group" though I was supposed to be with the USA/Houston crowd! I was taken care of until I reached home safely! :-)

There have been unlimited instances when I have felt Guruji's grace and presence in my life but this happens to be "one of the most remarkable" and pretty recent. Being picked up at the airport and taken care of all the way until I reached home!

Last week we had been on a short trip and my husband insisted he would drop me off in the hotel room and then go on his errand. I told him, I am educated woman, I will be fine and that I have been travelling alone to so many hotels for AOL events in the past years. My husband told me "When you go for AOL activities Guruji takes care of you" here I am responsible for you! LOL! I was surprised he said that because my husband and two adult children are not AOL followers and it is amazing lately my husband's trust and faith in Guruji comes up in his conversations! :-) I know the future is bright! All we have to do is TRUST Guruji. Everything falls in place at the right time according to HIS will!

Jai Gurudev!

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