Sunday, July 1, 2012

You are my sunshine

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I have been an art of living follower from my school days, class ninth to be precise.Now I am a doctor. With Guruji's grace I Completed my MBBS & internship last year and gave my pre-PG entrance exam in jan 2012. This time the All India PG Entrance exam was very tough. All questions were new, appearing for the first time, none from past years.
All of us giving the exam were having a hard time at my centre in Delhi, because it was very cold there. Guruji showed His miracle and there was warm sunshine all through just when I began writing my exam. I felt that He was encouraging me all the time, to sit through the exam and keep attempting the questions.There was negative marking and the questions were so tough, I felt like running away! But He made me sit through the paper and solve it sensibly and to the best of my capability.

When I finally finished my exam and came out, my mother was waiting. I felt sad that I would disappoint her, as my paper hadn't gone so well. I was almost about to cry. Then I opened facebook via my cell phone, and there it was, a message from Guruji. I Thought it was meant for me only and He made me smile. The message said- " Our tears should only flow in gratitude, & not for petty things, or minor setbacks in life."

All through MBBS, I have felt Guruji's presence with me. I have even taught Him medicine, while remembering something and seen Him smile,that lovely, mischievous smile.Whatever knowledge I've needed at any particular phase in my life, Guruji has made it available to me, via his wonderful books, knowledge sheets, Rishimukh, AOL teachers & my family.

I am indebted to Him eternally for the bliss & peace that he has brought to my life. I never acquired any vices all through MBBS or during my schooling because I had such amazing Sudershan Kriya & beautiful meditation techniques with me.

He has been there always during my exams. At time when I haven't been able to sleep, I can feel of Him embracing me and singing lullabies.I have met Guruji a few times during advance courses briefly, but I always feel His presence with me, watching over me, guiding me and smiling mischievously.

I don't know how I would fare in AIPG, results would be declared on 15th feb. But I know, whatever Guruji decides for me, would be the best.

I LOVE HIM A LOT! and am eternally grateful for all the GURU KRIPA shining in my life!

Shampa Mishra

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