Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Blessing

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Last weekend I was on the Blessings Course as a participant but was keen to assist wherever I could, on the course. From the first day onwards i took the responsibility of lighting the candles (around Gurujis picture which was on stage next to Swamiji’s seat) as and when required, and every night they would be put off.

This sublime course was mind blowing with each of the participants enjoying the processes and satsang each evening. That Saturday evening Swamiji took the satsang to another level with his inspiring singing and Vedic chants, so much so that being in the Divine space, I forgot to switch the candles off.

The next morning I went on stage to light the candles on, before the first session started and noted that the main candle in the middle of the table had completely burnt out and that there was a burn mark on the table that stopped short of Guruji’s picture. I was amazed at this; at how a small trail of fire started and stopped short of burning a picture of the Master. I showed this to a few people and later after the last session on the course we told all the participants of this little miracle.

We are truly blessed to have such a Divine Maser that even the element of Fire recognizes His Divinity and stopped short leaving the picture untouched. Feeling blessed and full of Gratitude for the Guru’s presence


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