Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Guru Story

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While there are many many miracles that have been happening around me ever since I met GuruDev, this one shall remain etched in my memory forever.GuruDev often tells us to surrender all our desires to the Divine, and the more contented we feel, more will be given to us. Although HE keeps reminding me of this mantra every now and then, this time, HE made sure that I did not forget.
I had just completed the Blessing course and left my job during the peak of recession 2009 for no good reason. I had never failed any interview in my life and thus was sure that I would get a job in no time. But 1 month stretched to 3 months, yet there was no sign of a job! I failed at least 10 interviews one after the other. My heart sank, I just was not able to bear it!
At home, there was a ban on doing any kind of Art of Living seva, but seeing my plight my family allowed me to go for seva. As it turned out, this proved to be one of the best days of my life, where I had no tension of a job and was doing seva full time. Almost 6 months passed and I started enjoying Seva so much so that on the first day of a Navchetna Shivir, I felt somewhere deep down in my heart, that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I felt that there was no job in this world which could give me the kind of satisfaction that Seva was giving me.
I had had an interview with a company about 15 days before the Navchetna Shivir was to begin. I had not heard back from them and so almost forgot about it. I was focused and busy preparing for the shivir. When I went back home from the shivir that evening, I got a call from the Senior Vice President of the company, confirming my appointment for the position without any further interviews ( the normal procedure requires atleast 3 interviews!!!), and that too in Bangalore!!
While visiting the Ashram for the 1st time I had also once desired that I should work in Bangalore, in close proximity to Guruji and the Ashram. I became aware that the moment my small mind had stopped hankering for the job, it fell into my lap without any effort.
Also I realised that, I am not the doer.
I had prayed to Guruji that my family should allow me to go for Seva.
My family did not stop me from going to Bangalore, in fact they pushed me to go ahead (which they otherwise would never have allowed) probably because I was jobless for so long.
They supported me so much, that I was totally overwhelmed with all the Love.
HE in his own subtle ways, makes one feel the Grace at every step of our lives. Every small desire is taken care of.
I spent the most blissful year in Bangalore and am ever grateful to HIM for those wonderful days in the Holy City! :)

Jai GuruDev

His Instrument :)

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