Sunday, July 8, 2012


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Jai Guru Dev,

I am an art of living follower from last few years and have always felt the divine presence of Guruji in whatever I do. This story is of last year January, when Guruji was in Chennai for 3 days.

He was coming to Thiruvanmiyur for 10-15 minutes in the spiritual fest that was happening at that point of time. I desperately wanted to see Guruji as I was unable to meet him last time, when he was in Chennai and had missed just by few minutes. This time I did not want to miss the opportunity. Still, due to inherent laziness I reached Thiruvanmiyur just on time, but was unaware of the exact venue.
Since his scheduled stay there was only for 10-15 minutes, it was not advertised much and venue directions were not given. I would have had to find the exact venue within very short time, I asked many local people but none could tell the venue. Finally, I was in despair and was cursing myself thinking that I had lost another opportunity, and in parallel, also started asking Guruji in my mind if he was unhappy with me due to some reason and if he does not want me to meet him. At that very moment, I saw two Art of living volunteers running towards me and asking whether they could find a flower shop around to buy garlands for Guruji. I was completely taken aback by the development of event. We searched for flower shop and took garland for Guruji. This sudden development of event completely looked as miracle to me. It completely appeared that Guruji heard me and sent these two volunteers to show me the venue.

When I reached the venue along with volunteers and was standing in line, Guruji was passing by in front of me and I just said "Jai Guru Dev” with my folded hands, and he looked back and looked into my eyes and smiled. I will never forget this. Though, I was not very regular in daily practices of kriya till last year, after this incident from last one year I have continuously done kriya every day without fail and am always happy, healthy and positive.

Love you Guruji. Please always be with us.

Jai Guru Dev!!!

Amod Kumar

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