Sunday, July 22, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

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03/03/2012 was a day full of ups and downs, which I had to take care of by myself. But by Guruji's grace, every step of the way went off smoothly, with one problem after another being taken care of by HIM. To add to one more problem, at night my husband came back from Pune at 9. On his way home, he noticed that his brief case was not in the car. The Driver ( Jagdish) thought that my Husband was carrying his brief case to the car, and my Husband thought that Jagdish had carried back the brief case to the car.

My Husband had left his brief case at the baggage counter by mistake. He called to inform me about this state of affairs, and to call Air India. For a while, thought this was the last straw, and we would not be able to find the brief case with all things in tact. I requested an Art of Living Blesser for a blessing/healing to solve this problem, which she kindly obliged us with and said "all will be okay... don't worry". I then managed to get through to the Air India Call Centre and told them about the missing brief case. The Call Centre then informed me if my Husband had the Boarding Pass, he could go back to the Security at Terminal 3, and inform them about the same.

My Husband went back to Terminal 3, and showed them his Boarding Pass, and sure enough within a few minutes his Brief Case was returned in tact. While all this was happening, I could only do one thing : chant JOY GURU DEB, JOY GURU DEB, JOY GURU DEB, in my mind. It took the load off my mind. I would like to add that through out the day I was just in the "attitude of gratitude" reminising all the good things that I have had in my life.
Thank you so much Guruji...

Mrs. Ashoka Sen

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