Thursday, June 7, 2012


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Jai Gurudev!

I had done my 1st Advance Course 2 years back and since then I was not getting a chance to be in one. Last time, when I went to Bangalore ashram, my eyes glued to a Shivratri AMC (advance meditation course) with Guruji. I had an intense desire to do it. I called up and asked my friend if she wanted to do it. She said yes. So I checked the AOL website for registrations.

To my disappointment, all seats were booked. I told the same to my friend and she said she will do it…don’t know how…but she will surely do it. Days passed into weeks and still the website did not show any vacant seat (for the course). Both of us prayed to Him for it. And when I had lost all hope, one day, out of the blue, a message popped up from my friend saying ‘SEATS AVAILABLE, HURRY UP’. I checked the website and 30 dorms were available. I booked my seat and experienced one of Guruji’s sutras, “When a desire is aroused, it comes true at some or other time...”

-Bhanuprakash Hunnasagha Parappa

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