Thursday, June 28, 2012

Picture Perfect

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The first knowledge point which I learnt during my Part-1 course was Seva; "Seva gives everything in life". When my teachers said these words to me, I felt that both of them were wasting my time. It was only after one year that I could EXPERIENCE the power behind these words.

A year after the Part 1 course, a DSN course was scheduled at our center. I was roped in for seva and I agreed as I was in between jobs and free. During the volunteers' meet it was decided that I would get Guruji's picture printed and laminated. I had just a day's time to get the work done. As I did not have a job, money was tight and my ego prevented me from asking anybody. So early Tuesday morning with only Rs.30 in my pocket I bought myself a day pass worth Rs 20 to travel the city buses, both for collecting registrations and getting the Photo work done.

Seva started with the collection of registrations in Shajjapur. I was happy to get 3 registrations with an advance amount of Rs.1200. This I thought was more than enough to pay for Guruji's photo. Next, I decided to go to Jeevanbhima Nagar to get the Photo work done. I reached HAL via bus and took a share auto to reach Jeevanabhima Nagar. This cost me Rs.10. Now my personal resources were exhausted.

Feeling happy that my seva was almost done I walked to the Photo shop to place the order. The shop keeper told me that it would cost Rs.1200. I was happy that I had the exact amount in my pocket. I decided to wait for the half hour that it would take to print the photo.

The picture was printed and ready within the stipulated time. Then the shop owner presented me with a bill totaling Rs.1250 with tax, looking at which my heart raced. I rechecked all my pockets multiple times knowing fully well that they were empty. I did not know what to do, or how to get the extra amount.

I decided to call HAL volunteers as they were in the neighborhood and probably could help. As luck would have it nobody picked up the phone. Finally I called Sushmaji, Suryaji and Darshanji from our area and explained situation. With no options left I decided to go back to Marathahalli to get the amount from friends. I told the shop owner that I would be back in an hour's time to collect my picture.
I walked down the stairs, and came to the first floor. Standing on steps a thought struck me that I should check my pockets one last time. Wondering about the origin of this bizzare thought I decided to follow it any way. As my fingers dug into my pocket I felt something and pulled it out. I was shocked to see Rs. 70 in my hands!! Speechless I raced up, paid for the photo and went back to the street completely dazed. I am still at a loss as to how this money came to be in my pocket! I don't think I can forget this incident ever!

I decided to test My Master further. Challenging His Grace, I decided that I should get a ride to go to HAL bus stop without using up any money in a share auto. Lo! and behold, my Master had read through my thoughts and I got a ride in a two wheeler till the bus stop! What more can I say! The Rs. 20 in my pocket was just enough for some food as I had not eaten the whole day.

On Thursday the DSN course started with a bang!!
On Friday I received a job offer via email from an IT company asking me to join them the following Monday! I was waiting for their mail for almost a month. Getting a job offer during the recession time while many were getting laid off can only be due to GRACE!

Now I realise, the importance of SEVA! You do HIS WORK(seva) and HE takes care of your needs. You become an instrument in His hands and GRACE flows!
I sincerely thank my Part 1 teachers, Venkatesh Kumaran and Raghu Chunduru, in being instrumental in bringing about a change in my life.

||Jai Guru Dev||

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