Sunday, June 3, 2012

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I was appearing for internal bank exam which was on 3 consecutive Sundays, the second being on 20th November 2011. While studying for the exam, I started feeling pain in my neck. In the beginning I ignored it and took one pain killer but it became worse and unbearable on Saturday 19/11/11 so much so that I decided to show it to my family Doctor. Due to severe pain, I was not doing short sudarshan kriya for past 2-3 days and didn’t even go for follow up (long Sudarshan Kriya) which is held every Saturday evening and which I rarely miss. The doctor was, however, out of station and I didn't want to go to any other doctor. I was, however, wondering as to how I will write my paper with neck continuously bent down. For once I thought I would not be able to write this paper at all. Suddenly it flashed in mind to send SMS for seeking blessing. I sent SMS for seeking some relief in pain. And what a miracle!!!!!!! - the pain reduced to 80 % that night and next day morning - on my exam day I woke up with zero pain. I couldn't believe and tried feeling pain by moving my neck in all directions - left -right, up - down, but work of Guruji was done with perfection. No pain at all…!!!!!!! Not even after bending my neck continuously for 2 hours while writing my paper….!!!!! Then on 3rd day of my exam, I started feeling little pain again and showed to my doctor. The x-ray report showed cervical spondylitis. Doctor asked me not to bend my neck. I was shocked and asked him that if it is a cervical spondylitis then why there was no pain on Sunday, the time during which I was writing my paper. Doctor couldn’t answer but I knew the reason :-) Even today while I am preparing for my coming Sunday exam- last paper, there is no pain and I am able to study comfortably while x-ray report tells another story.

There are many such instances when I have been rescued by my Guruji at the right time which I also would not have believed, had I not known about my Guruji and His Grace.

Love you Guruji.

Jai Gurudev

-A devotee

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