Sunday, June 24, 2012

Master presence is everywhere

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It was sometime in November, 2011 that one day my husband returned home late with some news of concern. The infant child of a friend was suffering from some ailment. He had just donated some blood to the child and doctor's were very apprehensive. Being a mother, it instantly made me understand the helpless position of the parents and also feel the agony of the little one. I just closed my eyes for a small prayer when all of a sudden I remembered about AOL blessings. Incidentally I had come to know about this only a couple of days ago. Even before I sent the SMS, my heart was filled with some strange sense of assurance that everything was alright.

The next morning my husband woke up early morning but seemed to be hesitating to call the friend at the hospital. I assured him with a strange kind of confidence that things are fine and he should simply make the call. AND indeed it was so. The previous night, the child's condition had improved and she had moved her limbs. The doctors had said that she was ready for the required tests. I could only close my eyes with a silent prayer of THANKS.

Today the little angel is completely ok and growing up as a healthy baby.

I don’t know what I must have done to deserve the grace of GURUJI. But I feel his assuring presence beside me and people around me at every juncture of life. I believe this simply strengthens the belief in humanity and goodness and inspires the same in one. Thank you GURUJI and the ART OF LIVING FAMILY for enriching our lives.

Sangeeta Bhattacharjee
Jai GUru Dev

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