Thursday, June 14, 2012

Longing for Divine

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I had gone to the ashram for the Winter Break Advance Course in December of 2009. During this time, we were told that Guruji may arrive from Norway in the first week of January. I was very happy as i wanted to meet Him face to face. Before going into silence, i got the news that Guruji may not be able to make it to India as some important work had come up. But i had a strong conviction that He will come to visit me.

As the days went by my longing for Him intensified. I kept 100% silence and did the advance course with full sincerity. After the course all the participants met in Sumeru mantap for a session with Rashmin Pulekar. There, my YES+ teacher Amit Periwal shared his Guru story with me; how his wish to massage Guruji's legs came true. He told me that, if I am feverish about my wish to meet Guruji then He will not come. But if I surrender my wish, then it will happen for sure. This line struck somewhere deep in my heart and I realised my foolishness.

The next day I was leaving for the city to meet my friends and before leaving, i dropped by VM, went up to Guruji's photo and prayed " I am sorry Guruji, I have realised my mistake. There are people who require your urgent attention but in any case, if you are planning to come to ashram, do give me your darshan." Till then everybody was convinced that Guruji will not be able to make it back from Norway.

My brother and I went to the city, met up with old friends and our train was on the day after at 5:30 pm. The next day, I got a call from one of my friends in ashram saying that Guruji has already left for India and will be reaching ashram by night. My happiness knew no bounds my brother and I were jumping around my friend's flat like two 5 year olds!

Then, the next day we left our luggage in our friend's flat and took an auto to ashram. On reaching there, I saw that there was a huge crowd near Badri Vishal as everyone wass waiting for Guruji. It was 12 noon. Time ticked by and before I knew it was 3PM. I called up my friend and told him to come with my luggage to the station as I wont be able to make it back to his flat. I was getting desperate as the minutes ticked away and I prayed to HIM "Guruji, just one darshan please.." Then after 5 minutes, a man came running out of Badri Vishal and said that Guruji had called everyone inside. There were around 50 people outside who ran like mad, to grasp the best seat in the kutir. We all settled down and started singing satsang songs. After ten minutes of waiting, Guruji arrived and started meeting everyone from my far left hand side. Slowly He came to my brother who was sitting two seats away from me. Then He starts talking to a girl in Kannada and was now standing in front of me. Then I realized that His hand was on my left shoulder as He continued to talk to the girl, for exact five minutes! Then I looked at Him, while He was talking and thought "He seems so simple but yet He is so.." and then that exact moment, He looked at me and held my gaze; So many things i wanted to share with HIM but all of them just vanished in thin air! I continued to stare at HIM and I don't even remember anyone existing but HIM! Then He smiles at me and pulls my cheek and gives me HIS blessing and moves forward. A girl who was sitting beside me told me that I was very lucky and blessed and He was there with me for 5 minutes! (totaling ten minutes!). After Guruji left, my brother and I rushed out of the ashram and caught an auto to the railway station. The journey to the station from ashram is 1.5 hours but we completed it in 45 mins flat! We sang satsang songs all the way to the station. There I met my friend with my luggage who was very curious to know that how in the world did I make that journey so fast, keeping in consideration the evening traffic and it being a weekday, to which I replied "HIS GRACE !"

Jai Gurudev!
Gaurav Choudhary

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