Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Divine Grace every moment"

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Jai Gurudev,

I was in Chennai at that point of time. By Profession Program Manager, well built and around 33 years of age, I lost my voice, can’t speak, can’t drink not able to breathe properly. I was taken to hospital immediately and doctors detected stroke.

I was kept in ICU under observation. I kept getting blessing from “Art of Living” Blessers. I came out of stroke. All investigations showed Kidney failure without any prior symptoms. Doctors told only to wait and watch if kidney failure is reversal. After I got discharged from one hospital, I was taken to another. After all investigations it was declared that Fisctula (surgery for dialysis preparation) and renal transplant is the only solution. I did my Part I course in Bed ridden condition, but still was not able to sit, walk, eat, or travel. Still I did my course, managing a travelling distance of more than one hour. This could happen only by Divine Grace. I started feeling Divine presence during my Sudarshan kriya.

Here started my Guru Grace. Every day from 2nd Feb 2010, every second, my Guru Grace started coming to me. I could hear Flute music without any music played, I started hearing OM without any CD. I got the confidence that YES; Guruji will take me out of everything. I could feel my Guruji’s presence every moment. And these 6 months of my life were miraculous. My Guruji was taking care of me like a baby. Guruji made my Karmic sufferings minimized. Though I was in problem, but no physical sufferings with my Guru Grace, only my anxiety of Kidney failure which I was not able to digest. Guruji used to take away my pains through his blessings through AOL blessers. 

In that condition only, I was called to visit Guruji. The way my Air travel was made comfortable, a Royal treatment by Airport authorities and flight attendant, it was only my Guruji. In Ashram, everyone were pampering and taking care of me, and I could feel my Guruji in everyone. His messages were reaching me through different sources and finally not once, I met him twice and he blessed me that I will come out of it. And now I was delighted since I have realized who my Guruji is. I was delighted in tears and felt blissful. 

My Transplant within short period was miracle. My hand surgery without painkillers, Guruji made it happen. This was the miracle. I got electrode imbalanced and heart artery and vein got shorted after first Dialysis. And before I could reach hospital, my cardiologist was waiting for me, who called her, was another miracle. Just before transplant health ministry, hospital authority favored. This was only my Guruji’s favor for me. Out of turn, my surgery happened. His love for me since he could not see me suffering. I have seen pain for me in my Guruji’s eyes.

Now I am out of everything leading a Happy and Normal Life. I feel blessed that I got into the problem and my Divine came closer to me. I feel myself the most fortunate who is living every second with Guruji. His grace is still there with me every second, every moment. He takes care of my smallest desires. Every thought of mine is fulfilled. I have nothing to offer to my Master but my tears. 


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