Sunday, June 17, 2012

Came out of addiction effortlessly

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When I was in class 8th I started smoking, drinking and got addicted to drugs till I finished my engineering. I tried to quit smoke, drink, drug, but nothing helped out. Many people advised me different things but all was in vain.

One day, when I was smoking near a tea shop near my home, a lady came and asked me to stop smoking and continued with same old advice. Promising me that she is going to help me out from my addict, she took my phone no, and went off.

One fine day she called me and said there is an Art of living course and convinced me to enroll for that course. I went for the course and I met my teacher in end of their 1st session. I told them about my entire addiction problem. He asked me to take 24hr Sankalpa (Vow) on not to smoke, drink and dope and it was high time test for me.

Day and night I suffered a lot as I can’t keep myself out of my addiction. Next day I ran to course and I told him frankly that I can’t control any more.

With a smile on his face, he asked me to wait for some more time as he was going to introduce me to something called Sudarshan kriya. Once kriya started, I started loving it. It took me to some other world of adventure, but I was aware.

I asked few questions to myself .And finally when the kriya was over. I promised myself that from today onwards I AM NOT GOING TO SMOKE, DRINK, and DOPE …

I did my course on 2007 July 16th. Till today I haven’t touched. ART OF LIVING made me to live... All thanks goes to that lady, whom I never get to met again, and to my master Guruji.

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