Thursday, May 31, 2012


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My favourite Guru story is when I had a huge amount of resistance in going to the German Ashram.
And pushing me in the back, is well, you know who! ☺

I arrived from an overseas flight to Paris, then took a train to Strasbourg and found myself looking for ways to avoid going any closer to Bad Antogast (Ashram).

So it was about 4 in the afternoon and I automatically started walking away from the train station in search of a hotel. I walked and walked, and I stopped in front of some church bells ... that out of the blue began to ring very fast and loud. Then, an alarm from some shop went off, really loud and scary alarm ... like the sound that reminds you that you are doing something terribly wrong. This ‘woke’ me up and made me realize…okay, indeed going to a hotel seems ridiculous.

So I headed back to the train station, purchased my ticket and unwillingly got on the next train to Oppenau. Once I arrived in Oppenau, an overwhelming feeling of resistance came over me and I sat down in a rebellious mood and told myself, it is okay, you have come this far, but you do not have to go any further.

I sat there, feeling relieved. Then suddenly on the arrival platform arrived plenty of recognizable, friendly, smiling AOL people, who took me up the mountain, to the BA Ashram.

And when I finally reached there, I felt terribly happy and peaceful and cannot for the life of me remember why I did not want to come in the first place.

Lots of love.
Sibyl Mathur

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