Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Jai Gurudev!
In December 2009, one of our Art of Living’s nadi pariksha doctors diagnosed my wife & told us to undergo T5 test which means test for Thyroid. Result of tests came positive and he suggested us to consult the specialist. We went to the specialist doctor and he took iodine test & x-ray and asked us to come the next day. My wife was scared after hearing the news of her thyroid problem and she prolonged the matter and hence we could not visit the doctor. 

On 1st Jan 2010, I did my Blessing Course and after completing the course, I first gave blessing to my wife, son, plants & fishes. After two or three days, I told my wife, “Let us go to the doctor and whatever medicine he prescribes, let us start those, anyhow your tests are positive so no use of prolonging the matter”.

So we went to the doctor and after check up, he told us that she is okay. He said, “Continue the same medicines which I had prescribed earlier.” But he had not prescribed any medicine to her after the iodine test & x-ray that day. So we went to one of our AOL devotees who is also an Ayurvedic Doctor for check-up. He checked her nadi and told us that she does not have any Thyroid related problem…!!!!!!


Thank you Guruji.
We love You!

- Prakash N. Gujaran

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