Sunday, May 13, 2012


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Jai Gurudev!

I was very particular about doing my daily kriya (Sudarshan Kriya) till I got pregnant. And my husband was very particular about doing his “Rudram Puja” every Monday. I always wanted to sit and listen to the rudram slokas but due to laziness or whatever, I used to avoid it. Around my 8th month of pregnancy, I dreamt that one lady with long hair and in white dress was holding my hand and was asking me to do the Rudram Puja. I was ignoring her but she forced me to do so. She also said that you will be blessed with a nice baby boy. So I started sitting for Rudram Puja with my husband.

Today I am blessed with a baby boy "SHREE" who is 4 months old.

After my baby was born I narrated my dream to my husband and he said "It must be GURUJI!!! white dress asking you to do the Puja.”

Thanks Guruji ……..Please bless us.

-Kiran J

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