Sunday, May 20, 2012


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This is the most amazing thing...!!! This is my Guru Story on my way back from Canada to USA.

So the plan was that I was to go from USA to Canada on Friday with Anish, Adarsh and the team...we had 2 was coming back on Sunday and the other one on I planned that I will come back to USA on Monday.
So today on Sunday morning (we had awesome darshan of Guruji on Saturday which is another amazing story), while we were standing again for Guruji's darshan, I asked Amit bhaiya* (oh before moving ahead...I had told Guruji the night before to take care of me to which he had smiled and replied "really!!") so...I for some unknown reason, despite having a confirmed plan, asked Amit bhaiya, what should I do? Should I stay until Monday or should I go today evening. Amit bhaiya said do what u want to do but I insisted on him answering as I was confident that he will also say Monday. But Amit bhaiya is Amit bhaiya. He said you have a class…right??? Go attend class...go today. So I thought that if I asked for his decision then staying and not going will be the wrong thing…agar nahin hi jaana tha to poocha kyon (if didn’t want to go in first place, then what was the point of asking, whether I should go or not)..aisa soch ke (thinking this), I made up my mind that I will leave today. So with some heavy heart and a happy thought (my talking to Guruji) I left in the SUV. My bag was in the hotel because I had not planned on we went to the hotel to pick it up... u won’t believe what happened in the midway. It was in the midway that I realized that my passport and all were in the SUV only!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the more it was in a pouch hidden between the seats…!!! I had kept it there to keep it safe :P

Just imagine if I would have stayed passport would have gone back to New Jersey without anyone noticing. I would not have been able to come back to Jersey... and I would not have realized that where my passport is! Everyone in the SUV was shocked when I picked up the pouch and said my passport is in the car. Guruji saved me through Amit bhaiya. I mean why would I ask Amit bhaiya about my plan after I had confirmed it? Just imagine.
Guruji really really saved me.
Varun Goel
*bhaiya means elder brother (literally), used to address anyone elder, informally yet showing respect

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