Thursday, May 17, 2012


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Very soon I will be going to India (Bangalore) for attending Shivratri Special AMC (advanced meditation course).

From a long time, I wanted to go for Shivratri course, but before I could register, the course got full. I was so disheartened, disappointed and angry at myself for not registering on time. I called Bangalore Ashram and shared my disappointment and the guy with whom I was talking over phone, told me not to worry. He also said that if you really want to come for the course then it will happen and I knew it right then that it will happen and I was at peace.

And guess what! They added few more seats and I got an email from Bangalore Ashram that I can register now. ☺

My Guru is the best!!!!!! ☺

I know he takes care of each and everyone and he loves everyone. Cannot wait to go to Bangalore Ashram for the first time and meet my Guruji.

- Minal Cholera

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