Thursday, May 24, 2012


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It was Sunday. Being a teacher, I had to go to city to take Long Kriya. My wife was away from Head Quarter- to her sister's home at Thiruvarur. She was to come home that day in the morning by 0600 hrs. I was expecting a call from her.

My land-line phone was out of service for the past one week. It use to ring occasionally and but when lifted no sound would come. In spite of this, whenever it rang, I had to lift it in hope that may be it is a call from my wife.

As my home is on the first floor, thrice I locked & came down to go to class for Kriya and each time phone would ring and I had to rush upstairs but no sound would come when I picked up. 4th time the ring came. Again I went up, opened the door & looking at the picture of Guruji on the wall prayed that it should be a genuine call. I took the phone & to my surprise, it was a genuine call. My wife was talking from her place stating that she will leave at night & will reach the next day. The line got disconnected immediately and it was restored only after a week. With much free mind, I went to class.

The connection between the Master & disciple is amazing.

"smile :-), it costs nothing"

With Love

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