Sunday, April 15, 2012


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I and my wife were on a trip to Delhi, Agra and Mathura. After visiting beautiful Taj Mahal we were returning back to Delhi and my flight was at 5.45pm. Everything was fine till 3.30pm. We were 40km away from airport and suddenly our car broke down and front axle was cut. Cab driver went to bring mechanic.
It happened on highway and huge traffic piled up. I was worried as driver did not come back. My wife said Jai Gurudev and comforted me by saying that everything will be alright. Suddenly traffic police officer came and started shouting at me. I became more tensed and I explained to him that driver has gone to bring mechanic.

We were waiting for driver and it was 3.50pm and still our driver did not come. I became more tensed. Suddenly one person came and told me that car cannot be repaired. He also said that he is going to drop us to Airport. After that I spoke to traffic police officer and he asked me to wait for his senior. Within two minutes his senior came and I explained him the situation and my flight schedule. He told to leave in other cab.

It was already 4.00pm when we started in other cab. On the way I was saying Jai Gurudev. To my surprise on entire way to Airport there was no traffic but there was huge traffic of kilometres together on the opposite side. It was a complete surprise for me and my wife.

Finally we reached Airport at 5.00pm. We boarded flight to Bangalore and reached safely.

Thank you Guruji for helping me in such situations. Jai Gurudev.
Prasanna B.

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