Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank You for everything Guruji!

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Dear All,
So many amazing things have happened in my life ever since I realized that I have a Master who will guide me like a child. This happened way back in 2006 when the silver jubilee celebrations were going on, I did the Basic Course that year, in August and there was to be a Pranayama Dhyan Shibir (PDS) for the 25 years celebration in November, a day after Diwali.

After the Basic Course, our teacher informed us that Guruji himself will be in Kolkata for the celebration and that we should positively go and attend it. I was curious and wanted to go, I always believed in God but the idea of having a Guru was laughable for me, still something inside me wanted to go and I decided to "check out" the whole thing.

At that time, my husband had got transferred to Gurgaon and was staying away from his family; he came to Kolkata only during festivals. So spending time with his parents, sister, son, wife, nephews and cousins meant a big thing for him and especially during Kali Puja as it was celebrated in their ancestral house where all his relatives gathered annually for the celebration. So when I met him at the airport and broached the topic of attending the PDS in Kolkata, he was livid. I immediately dropped the idea, as I did not want to court controversy and trouble for my own delights. The urge to attend the PDS was never very strong in me but when my husband said I cannot attend, I became desperate but I never expressed my desire, as that would sound too selfish.

We went to the ancestral village a day before the Kali Puja and my husband was delightfully capturing everything on his new digital movie camera, the Puja, his cousins, the drummers’ et al. But the day after the Puja, on the morning the PDS was scheduled, his camera started malfunctioning. First it got stuck and then whatever he had shot for two days got completely erased. How it happened we are yet to figure out but my husband lost all his enthusiasm and to top it, I got my charms a week ahead and I was not prepared, I somehow managed for the morning but I could not enter the Kali Mata Temple and my mother-in-law said that it would be better if I went back to Kolkata in such a condition as otherwise everybody including me will have inconvenience. My husband agreed and we drove for five hours and reached Kolkata at 4. The PDS was to start from 5.

After going home, I asked my husband that since we were back in Kolkata and we had no plans for the evening, could I attend the PDS? He agreed and not only that, he also dropped and collected me from the venue. While driving me to the venue, I remember him telling me, "Your GURUJI is very powerful. I had refused to bring you back from the village for the PDS, now, not only are you attending the event, I am driving you to it. :-))).
I realized in my heart then what a joy it was to have a Guru and before seeing him, I loved him. Not only could I attend the PDS, he also ensured that my husband could meet his relatives and we could attend the family Kali Puja. A Guru will do that which is best for everyone! :-)

Arundhati Bhattacharya
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